Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Getting There

Tomorrow I'm meeting with an established trainer who owns his own business in Boston as a potential job interview for once I'm certified! I'm extremely nervous, as I haven't been given any guidelines except that I'll have 30 minutes to put one of his clients through a workout. I won't find out anything about the client or the equipment available until I get there. I like to be prepared and have my workouts customized ahead of time, so I'm ready whenever the client walks in, so this will certainly be a learning experience for me. I hope all goes well! I've written down a general outline for different ability levels that I may refer to once I get there, but it sounds like he's expecting me to think on my feet and spontaneously create a plan. Wish me luck!

Dead Lifting Like a Champ

I was overjoyed to be able to dead lift again, since it's always been my favorite! I haven't figured out my 1 rep max yet, but I was doing 125 pounds for 5 reps, which isn't too bad for my size! I, of course, want to increase my endurance and be able to do way more soon! I'm also still working on gaining weight, but I've certainly come a long way from the grotesque 89 pounds that I was 3 months ago! I also never realized how intense of a full-body workout handstands could be, but phew! I definitely can't hold those for more than about 20 seconds!

Rockin' my "Boston Strong" shirt on Marathon Monday of course :)

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Sesame Ginger Steak Stir Fry

Apprently I can't totally escape from my Missouri roots, because for the past week, I've had a hankering for steak! Typically I don't eat much red meat, but I thought why not? I've kind of been getting burnt out on chicken, so it was refreshing to switch it up! My recipe is 300 calories and was very flavorful and filling! I'll definitely be making it again considering I have lots more stew meat to use up! YUUUUUMMMMMYYYY!!


-2 cups frozen pepper and onion stir fry mix (I got mine from Market Basket)
-3/4 cup thawed stew meat
-1 tbs Ken's no sodium sesame ginger marinade
-1 tbs Worcestershire sauce
-Steak rub seasoning 


-Put meat in skillet over medium heat
-Cook 1 minute 
-Add in frozen veggies 
-Cook mixture until steak is cooked to your preference (I like it medium, so I cooked the mixture for about 5 minutes); stirring occasionally 
-Whilst cooking, add in marinade, worcestershire sauce and seasoning
-I topped with some red pepper flakes to add a little spice at the end

Anxiety Overload

Yesterday was the day that I faced my fears and flipped the tire again! It was absolutely terrifying and I was trying to come up with anything as an alternative, but Jeff stayed right by me when I attempted my first set. His presence reinforced my confidence, and I was able to do the 3 sets of 6 reps at 265 pounds! Talk about a good workout! I'm really proud of myself, and just PRAY TO GOD that I never rebreak anything again!

Workout Sins

Here are 12 Workout Sins that a lot of people form as misconceptions! Very interesting, and even I learned a lot! It's definitely worth reading, but unless you're slightly underweight, or fairly lean, the calorie calculator isn't accurate.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Physical Therapy

I've had two physical therapy appointments so far and can already tell a substantial improvement in my mobility. I can feel the weakness in my ankle more than my foot, which surprises me but I guess it makes sense considering I haven't really been able to move it for the last four months….I was amused at the task I was given this morning at therapy. I had to pick up a bunch of marbles with my toes and drop them into a bowl. It was actually harder than you'd think, but was kinda fun! haha

Livin' it up in NYC

This past weekend, my friend Jackie and I decided to celebrate my now less-brokenness by taking a trip to NYC! I hadn't been there since my brother took me 4 years ago. However, I think I overestimated my walking abilities, because there was some major swelling and pain after the first day! Regardless of the pain, I still had a blast and can't wait until I get to go back again! Saturday took the biggest toll on my foot and resulted in a VERY disturbingly swollen mess….good thing I had wine at dinner to dull the pain! Haha alcohol fixes everything right? I just wish I'd gotten to see a broadway show, but I guess there's always next time!
 It was Friday night when we left Boston, and we couldn't risk being tired upon arrival to NYC!!

 NYC street hotdogs? Yup, I can check that off my bucket list. 
 So this is the after-effect of Saturday….
 We ventured onto the subway and somehow managed to get to Chinatown without a hitch! 
I'm pretty proud of my Canal Street "Chanel" purchase! Can't beat Chanel for $40.00!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Getting Unbroken

I don't know if I mentioned this earlier, but my fracture is called the Lisfranc (mid foot) fracture. This area of the foot includes the small cluster of the 5 long metatarsals that extend to the toes. The mid foot is critical in stabilizing the arch and in walking in general, so I'm sure you can imagine how much shattering this area would SUCK! Anyway, I've probably done enough complaining, so here's some good news; I got released from the wearing the boot and got to start physical therapy today!! Woohoo! Also, the recovery process from here will only be 4-6 weeks (meeting twice a week), depending on how quickly I can gain the mobility back. 5Ks, obstacle courses, flag football, deadlifting, fitness competitions and PT test, HERE I COME!

Turkey Tacos

I had bought some lean ground turkey and was brainstorming healthy cooking ideas for it, and decided that tacos sounded really tasty for lunch today! Turkey is an awesome alternative to hamburger, as it typically has a far lower fat content and is still just as yummy and versatile as ground beef. This recipe is also very versatile, as you can change up the spices and veggies to your preferences, or for whatever produce you have left in the fridge! My recipe for the 2 loaded tacos is 380 calories. 


-1 serving lean ground turkey (thawed)
-2 wheat "fajita size" tortillas 
-1/4 cup chopped Red onion
-½ cup rotel tomatoes with juice
-Handful of chopped mushrooms
-Handful spinach
-Jalepeno slices
-Fiesta or taco seasonings


-Mix onions, mushrooms, rotel juice, seasonings and ground turkey in pan until turkey is cooked thoroughly
-Pop tortillas in microwave for 15 seconds
-Layer the spinach on top of warmed tortillas 
-Add rotel tomatoes
-Add cooked turkey mixture 
-Top with jalepenos and salsa
-Add any additional seasonings!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


One of my favorite workouts is definitely ball slams. They're killer! Hannah convinced me to try the explosive pushups with the clap, even though I was terrified of smacking my face into the ground. Turns out, it's easier than it looks! Well sort of…haha it's a great exercise to add into a body-weight circuit for all you workouts fiends out there who don't have time to go to a gym every day! 

Gettin' Tatted

This isn't really fitness related…okay, it's not fitness related at all, but it's hilarious. This is certainly a way to know if one of your friends is a true life-long friend. Julianna and I came up with the absolutely genius idea to get peanut butter and jelly tattoos. It worked out perfectly, because I wanted jelly and she wanted peanut butter! Match made in heaven right?! Haha we really thought about it…for a whole day and then went to get it on Saturday. I'm still in love. Hopefully I'll still think it's a hilariously great idea when I'm 50 with kids…? We'll see… 

We like to throw our feet together and burst into singing the "Peanut Butter Jelly Time" song! Hehe

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Colorado Adventure

I had so much fun in Colorado that I never wanted to leave! It also didn't help that I got to escape to a 70 degree paradise when I knew how dreary and cold it was in Boston all weekend! I got quite a bit of studying done, and got some experience customizing body-weight only workouts for my brother Brian. We had to get creative, but it was fun! I was also fairly productive, and applied to Laboure College in Milton, MA for their Dietetic Technician program and had my transcripts sent from Stephens. Can't wait! 

The only thing that sucked was the plane ride there…when the doctor said that the cabin pressure would cause my foot to swell, he wasn't kidding… the plane ride there was the absolute most excruciating experience of my life. WAY worse than actually breaking my foot! It was 4 and a half hours of absolute torture! Looking back at it now, it was kind of hilarious, because the guy next to me kept pretending that I wasn't in the fetal position sobbing for 4 hours while holding my foot in the air... hahaha thankfully the flight home wasn't nearly as painful!

 Single-leg pistols made harder by using a bucket? Check. 
 I spent most of Saturday studying! I can't wait until I'm a certified trainer! EEEK!
 Yeah, I'm weird and brought my own TRX straps...
 We went to Snooze for breakfast one morning, and I indulged in a pineapple upside down and caramel apple pie pancake…yeah, they were the most phenomenal pancakes EVER!  
 SOOOO much sushi! 
We went to Dave & Busters and I won this little cutie! Haha I love Despicable Me…so what if I'm 20? ;)