Thursday, August 21, 2014

Quest Cookies

I am addicted to Quest Protein bars and eat at least one a day. They're packed with protein, low in sugar and are delicious. That combination is nearly impossible to find in a protein bar! I like to get creative sometimes, especially when I'm wanting something more dessert-like. Tonight's late-night clean cheat was Walden Farms calorie-free marshmallow dip and a cookies 'n cream quest bar! 


-walden farms calorie-free marshallow dip
-cookies 'n cream quest bar (although any flavor would be delish)

-preheat oven to 350 degrees
-microwave opened quest bar for 7 seconds to soften 
-cut into 5 pieces
-smash pieces out flat on cookie sheet
-bake for 5 minutes 
-let cool and enjoy with the yummy dip!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Never Give Up

I keep thinking there has to be a reason that all of this is happening to me, and I think in the end it'll make me a more understanding and relatable trainer. If I have pushed myself and managed to stay motivated through all of this, then I'm sure my story will motivate my clients, and for that I'm grateful! By this point though, I'm SO TIRED of having to push back my goals to give myself more time to heal because I've somehow developed yet another set back. Finding out about the Osteopenia was absolutely devastating, and I pray that upping my intake of calcium and vitamin D will quickly turn this issue around so I can FINALLY get past this and get on with my life! I've been focusing totally on upper body and abs lately due to the fracture, so here's some of my recent gains! I'm pretty proud that I've been able to achieve this despite my crippledness!

The Struggle

By this point, it's getting hilarious. Soooo about a month ago, my foot started swelling and bruising really bad…out of nowhere, and with me doing NOTHING! I kept dismissing the pain and was just taking ibuprofen to limit the swelling, but it kept getting worse so I finally contacted Dr. Riemer to set up an appointment. I went in and he, of course, was alarmed by the severity of the swelling (especially considering I still have no idea what I did to injure it again) so he ordered an x-ray and an MRI. He assumed it was a soft-tissue tear (probably my Achilles tendon) and that he would know for sure after the MRI.

The hilarious part about the MRI was that I had to walk over a mile to my appointment because the green line was shut down due to a Red Sox game, which I didn't realize when I was scheduling the appointment…and then, had to walk a mile back…that was probably fairly detrimental considering the results ended up showing that I had somehow caused a severe stress fracture in my left heel bone; only "the most vital bone in the lower half of the body" according to Dr. Riemer…OF COURSE THIS WOULD HAPPEN TO ME!!!! Ugh!

So the next morning I get a call from my primary care doctor requesting that I come in for a bone density scan and to get labs done AGAIN. She said she had spoken to Dr. Riemer and that they were both extremely concerned about my health and that there has to be an underlying reason as to why my bones seem to be so fragile. I went in a few days later to get those test done, and it turns out I have Osteopenia (a precursor to Osteoporosis) and that I need to immediately triple my calcium and vitamin D intake and that they will give that a few weeks to see if it's making any difference before they decide to take more aggressive action.

I also found out that I have inflicted Female Athlete Triad Sydrome upon myself from when I wasn't eating for about 6 months…this is why it is VITAL to actually eat when exercising to give your body adequate nutrition, otherwise, it starts sucking it from elsewhere in the body (like your bones): Female Athlete Triad

I just recently went home for a week, because my grandma had a major stroke, so I had to miss my 2 week podiatry check-up, but I'm hoping to be able to get a last minute appointment for tomorrow morning to see if my bones have made any progress since the last time I went in. Pray for my bones please! Haha
 This is me looking pitiful going in for my MRI
That large squiggle? Yeah, that's the stress fracture that I have no idea how got there

The Welcome Project

I've been volunteering with the Welcome Project in Somerville for the past few months and absolutely love the opportunity to make a difference and help integrate and welcome these immigrant families into Boston! Here's a link to learn a little more general background information about this amazing organization: The Welcome Project

I first started out just teaching a book club to adults on Wednesday mornings, but 2 weeks ago I had the pleasure of stopping by the kids camp to teach a zumba class; we all had a blast! I unfortunately didn't realize at the time that my foot had been re-fracture…but that'll be a later post…

We started out the class with a brief history lesson on the origin and development of the zumba style of fitness and then we had a full hour of fun dancing! I started out teaching the kids traditional zumba moves, and then we ended up switching it up and doing the Cha Cha Slide, Cotton Eyed Joe, The Wop and the Dougie of course! My favorite part was definitely when some of the kids took the lead and showed us all some of their traditional dance moves that are popular in their cultures. I learned a lot, and we all had so much fun!