Saturday, October 18, 2014

First Competition

Since I should be released to start training for competition on November 1, I have chosen the Jay Cutler Classic in Boston in May to be my bikini debut. I AM SO EXCITED! Fortunately, I have plenty of time to enjoy the holidays (and my 21st birthday) before I really have to hit training hard and getting strict with my diet. I plan to enter in the bikini novice and bikini open category and WIN of course! ;) I've already made a ton of connections in the industry and have secured 2 sponsors! I also love the peer motivation and dedication that I'm surrounded by; I plan to enter the contest of "Shred Vs. Bulk" and will hopefully win some major $$$ to fund the competition prep! I'll keep posting updates as to how my training is going and how the end of my healing process (for both boobs and foot) is. I'm so happy with the results of the boob surgery by the way! I think I chose the perfect size for my body size, and they really do make me feel so much more confident!

All About the Progress

I'm pretty proud of the progress I've made despite everything that I've been through over the past year! These pictures were from last week, and I've been working extra hard in the gym this week in preparation for Halloween in two weeks! I am gonna be a sexy ninja; now I just need to get some weapons! :) Also, I had a podiatry check-up on Thursday and should get the results within the next few days. I've tried to remain optimistic through all of this, but if I don't get good results from these X-rays I really don't know what I'll do…If they're good though, I'm released to start training full out on November 1! 

On another note, I've finished my first 2 classes toward my sport management degree! I turned in my last final paper tonight! It's been tough going to school and working 2 jobs, but it's definitely worth it! The classes I took during this 8-week session were Fundamentals of Speed Training and Intro into Fitness. By taking my final test and receiving a 96% in the speed training class, I became NASE certified as a speed and explosiveness coach! Now I get a 2 day break before I start Anatomy and Physiology and Psychology of Sport. The A&P class will be less than thrilling but it'll be vital to have that knowledge when I'm done with school and really able to focus on my fitness career. 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Revamped pumpkin snickerdoodle protein smoothie

I recently posted a pumpkin protein smoothie, but decided to use the new PEScience select protein I got and make a new delicious fall treat! The macros on this one are a bit different. Macros: calories: 263, fat: 3.1g, carbs: 9g, protein: 25g.

-1 frozen banana
-1/4c sugar free chai latte mix
-1 scoop pes select snickerdoodle protein powder
-1c water
-1/3c pumpkin purée 
-2tbs natural zero calorie sweetener 
-pumpkin pie spice

-place all ingredients in a blender 
-add cinnamon and pumpkin pie spice to taste