Sunday, December 14, 2014

Momma I'm a Big Girl Now

YEEEEEEEAAAAHHHH buddy! I'm finally 21!!!! And now can't drink until after May… haha oh well, it'll be worth it! It looks like everyone is going to be receiving alcohol for Christmas, just so that I can have an excuse to buy it!

It really was a great birthday, and I'm so happy that I got to share it with my amazing group of friends up here in Boston! Of course, I am also PSYCHED that I'll be home for Christmas this year and will also get to celebrate being 21 with all my Missouri friends! The fact that bestie, Maggie is making me a memory book (in place of the traditional shot book) for my birthday is absolutely amazing and I could not be more grateful! I had my friends from up here contribute and well as my friends and family from home, so it should provide for a very interesting and eclectic book! I can't wait!

Unfortunately, the night of my birthday was the last night (aside from MAYBE New Years Eve) that I will be drinking until after I compete in the Cutler Classic here in Boston in May. The reason I'm getting extremely strict with my diet starting now is because Steffi Harvey has been gracious enough to offer to be my photoshoot sponsor and to do a shoot while I'm home for Christmas. This means that i'll need to be in show-ready shape by the time I get home in 2 weeks! I'll give more details on the shoot once we have the chance to discuss it more in-depth, but it's going to be an old school retro look!

Getting back to my birthday though, we started Saturday evening by partying in the community room of my apartment building. We ordered pizzas, binge drank and played games! Of course, I wasn't actually 21 until midnight Saturday/Sunday, so we had to wait to head to the bars until about 11:30. I am happy to say that I managed to make it through the entire night staying somewhat coherent, which is pretty impressive considering how early we started and taking into consideration my low tolerance! We ended up at Ned Divine's in Faneuil Hall and stayed there until the bars closed (which was only 2 hours after we got there), but it was still well worth it and made for a very memorable night!

Julianna (peanut butter) and Tori were my amazing party planners, and created a checklist for me that I had to complete by the end of the night. It had silly and ridiculous tasks like: kiss a ginger, take 21 selfless with strangers, dance on a table, take a picture with a cop etc. I didn't even come close to completing it, BUT I did get all the selfies….so most of the pictures I found on my phone the next day were of me insanely smiling with random strangers….hahahha they're pretty amazing!

 Dustin literally made the most amazing and creatively awkward birthday cake that has ever existed. He even made it out of angel food cake, which is butter and flourless!! Yes, that is a mini wiener dog perched on my head…I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT IT.

 Let the stranger selfies begin! Hey mom don't worry, I don't think any of them were cereal killers… ;)
 One of my tasks was to take a picture with a cop. Looks like Barbie found her Ken….Bahaha
 Ginger? Check.
 Another stranger, although we got real intimate for this picture apparently!
 And a few more cops…one can never have too many of these pictures! Hehe #justdontarrestme

My Milkshakes Bring all the Boys to the Yard

Fitting title right? So I have had several inquiries about whether or not I did go through with the breast augmentation surgery, whether it hurt, how long was the recovery, how soon was I able to return to normal activities, was it worth it etc. So yes, I did get the surgery! I went with 275cc saline implants that were placed under the muscle for a more natural appearance. I went to Longwood Plastic surgery here in Boston. I have never been more confident and happy with a decision! The size is perfect and they really do look natural, aside from the slight rippling where the muscle doesn't cover the implants on the bottom of the breast.

The recovery was speedy and I was able to completely return to normal activities after 3 weeks with nearly no pain… and by normal activities, I obviously mean fairly heavy lifting that engaged my pec muscles. Some women who have gotten them complain of long-term pain that prevents them from doing strenuous chest work. I'm sorry but I don't really believe this. I do acknowledge that everyone is different and heals differently, but with the flawless recovery that I had I can't imagine that it would be so inhibiting to others; unless of course they got a ridiculously large size.

The night of and day after my surgery were EXTREMELY painful I will admit. I was allergic to the pain meds that my doctor prescribed and couldn't take them, but didn't realize until it was already too late and the anesthesia had completely worn off. Later the next day, I bought some tylenol extra strength just to have SOME pain relief, and this actually ended up working really well. It didn't help with the swelling, but at least my pain level was greatly lowered. The swelling in the middle of my breast was the worst from my skin being stretched just to cover the implants. I absolutely could not fathom what it would have been like had I chosen a larger size!!! Bigger is not always better in this case!

As for price….I paid A LOT for mine, but signed up for a payment plan and now just make a more manageable monthly payment. I won't discuss how much I paid exactly, but I did go to the most reputable and highly-regarded place in Boston (which is already known for it's impressive healthcare). They are an investment that I will never regret and I did it for ME, which is the only reason and way that I think plastic surgery is acceptable. I had the mind-set that if I work as hard as I do to have a body that I'm proud of, why not be completely confident? Obviously boobs are not something I can attain from hard work at the gym, so getting this surgery has really given me even more motivation and courage to compete in my competitions coming up! If there are any other questions you have, please feel free to ask! I'm not shy about any part of the decision or procedure at all!