Friday, January 23, 2015

Eat Big Get Big

Ladies, don't you HATE how you 'accidentally' get super ripped from casually hitting the gym a few times a week? No. This concept is so hilarious to me that I almost don't even want to waste the time correcting someone when they ask me if I'm afraid I'll turn into a man…. IF ONLY I could pack on muscle in a matter of days from eating whatever I want and throwing around a few weights. I. Work. Hard! As does any other fitness competitor, regular gym goer, or fellow gym rat. I'm an ectomorph, so I'm at even more of a disadvantage than a lot of other fitness enthusiasts when it comes to building and maintaining mass. Naturally, I'm skinny and always have been, but that makes it even more gratifying when I start to see noticeable gains! Check out this article if you also feel the urge to repeatedly punch everyone in the throat who questions your HEALTHY addiction… hehe

MJ Fitnatic

You've probably seen my new social media pages for "MJ Fit," but what is it and why do I think I'm cool enough to have my own fitness pages you may ask. Well, for several months now I've been working on creating my own business that is more than just the personal training and nutrition counseling. Through my sponsor, DerbySkinz, I am creating my own clothing label that embodies my odd and unique style, but it will all be spandex and gym clothing.

Starting the first week in February, I'll be renting out a studio at Tony Williams Dance Center to teach a Zumba and Barre class on Tuesday mornings. I'm hoping that word travels fast and I gain a huge following here, and then will begin teaching more classes and offering new programs! I'm SO excited for both of these new additions, and can't wait to see what surprises the next few months hold!

So, MJ Fit is my entire fitness persona: my competitor identity, personal and group training, group exercise classes, personal meal preparation, private clothing label and nutritional counseling. I am now the sponsored trainer of the Miss Boston/Cambridge pageant and am hoping to gain more exposure and personal training clients after the pageant (February 8th). I'll keep you posted!

To register for my fitness classes in Jamaica Plain:

Friday, January 16, 2015

Miss Boston Fitness Sponsor

I'll be doing a few updates within the next few weeks. A lot of exciting things are in the works for me and I'm super psyched to post about it, but also don't want to jinx my seemingly good fortune! I'll start with this: I am now the fitness and personal training sponsor for the Miss Boston/Cambridge America system pageant! I already train a few of the contestants, but to be the featured trainer is such an incredible honor and opportunity! These women truly are an inspirational group of strong independent ladies, and I could not be more excited to be working with them!

I'll be giving a health and fitness speech during the pageant prep workshop on the 24th, and will give them some tips and advice on how to safely continue preparing for the upcoming pageant on February 8th! I will also be answering all their nutrition and exercise questions, so hopefully I can right some of those misconceptions that are so easily developed!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Breaking Past the Plateau

I feel I've plateaued on both my strength and muscle mass gains. Yes, I am very proud of the body I have and am okay with maintaining, but anyone who is into fitness and bettering themselves always strives for improvement! My competition is 8 weeks away, and I want to go in having everything it takes to be a strong contender for that first place trophy! More than anything though, I want to go in with confidence and knowing that I've done everything in my power to do well and achieve a body that I am confident in and proud of!

This is the post that I attached with this collage "I don't know why I'm so reluctant to believe in my own strength. I stick to the same weight or move up in tiny increments, always feeling accomplished after a workout, but rarely surprised or impressed at the end. Having someone intervene and tell me to try and step out of my comfort zone today and go for a deadlift of 175 rather than my usual 155 was just what I needed! 175 for 4 on the first set, and I did 3 sets at this weight. Now my motivation to constantly challenge myself and continue improving is rekindled, and hopefully I can burst through this plateau I've been in for awhile!"

Then I also took some other progress pictures to show my most recent improvements :) and yes, I did unfortunately have to endure and flu shot today…

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Maple Cinnamon Egg Dessert

This is the ultimate clean cheat meal! I debated on whether to call this a dessert or not, but I find that it is satisfying anytime you're craving something sweet (and in need of a little extra protein)!!! It's super easy and takes about 10 minutes to make. I also love adding in 1/2 of oats and making it 1c egg whites for breakfast! That makes it heartier and more filling. I actually had this exact recipe for dinner tonight and it was perfect! Macros: 270 calories, 14g fat, 11g carbs, 27.7 protein 

-1/2c egg whites
-1large egg
-1/3 silk cashew milk
-2tbs sliced almonds
-2tbs pb2
-1tbs vanilla extract
-ground cloves
-walden farms syrup of choice (I like the caramel and pancake syrup!)

-preheat pan
-spray non-stick cooking spray
-whisk whole egg, egg whites, vanilla, milk, almonds, cinnamon, ground cloves and stevia together 
-pour into preheated pan
-cooking and scramble until done
-pour into bowl and add another splash of milk (so give the pb2 and creamy consistency) 
-mix in pb2 and more stevia and cinnamon to taste 
-top with syrup of choice 

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Cinnamon Bun Protein Balls

This is a new recipe I decided to try tonight and it turned out pretty good! Next time, I would put the oats in a food processor to create oat flour as opposed to keeping the oats whole. They're yummy either way, so it's just more of a texture preference. I can't wait to have these for breakfast in the morning!  I decided to put them in the freezer overnight to make them easier to transport. This recipe should make about 20 individual balls. Macros: Calories-54, Fat- 0.9g, Carbs- 8.3g, Protein, 3.6g

Ingredients (20 balls): 
-2 1/4 cup old fashioned oatmeal
-2 Scoops favorite protein powder (I used Dymatize Elite whey protein in Cinnamon Bun)
-2tbs instant coffee
-2tbs honey
-½ cup Silk almond coconut blend milk
-1/4 cup baking stevia (or other natural sweetener) 
-1tbs cinnamon

-Mix all ingredients together
-Mold into 20 balls and place in freezer or fridge to harden

Cinnamon Maple Sweet Potatoes

I often find myself craving something sweet to finish off my meals, so I decided to attempt to curb this craving during my meal. I was munching on these right out of the oven and they were scrumptious! I don't foresee these little babies lasting me too many days! Good thing I bought lots of sweet potatoes!! Some of the Walden Farms products are overly artificially sweetened, or just taste bad altogether, but the pancake syrup, caramel syrup and jellys are all really tasty and satisfying! I also love using the butter cooking spray, because it gives everything a rich flavor without affecting your macros (unless you soak your food I suppose…) Next time, I think I'll slice the sweet potatoes even thinner to make them crispier and more chip-like. 

My brother bought me this pyramid pan for my birthday and I absolutely love it! This was my first time getting to use it and it made my sweet potatoes crispy and delicious! If you don't have this, just put down some aluminum foil on the pan. 

-Peeled and sliced sweet potatoes
-Walden Farm pancake syrup
-Butter cooking spray

-Preheat oven to 350 degrees
-Place aluminum foil or pyramid pan on baking sheet
-Spray potato slices with butter spray and sprinkle with cinnamon
-Flip potato slices over and repeat above step
-Bake for 10 minutes and then remove from oven and drizzle with syrup 
-Bake another 15 minutes or until desired tenderness is reached (mine were fairly thick slices)
-Sprinkle with natural sweetener upon serving if you want them to be even more decadent!

Oven Roasted Asparagus

This is a super simple recipe that makes a perfect side no matter what your meat dishes are for the week! Asparagus is low in carbs, filling and delicious! I try to mix up my veggies weekly so I don't get burnt out and bored. I also season my recipes differently every time. I have a serious condiment and spice addiction...

-1 bunch of asparagus with ends chopped
-lemon juice
-butter or olive oil cooking spray
-black pepper
-garlic salt

-Preheat oven to 350 degrees
-lay out asparagus on baking sheet
-spray with cooking spray
-sprinkle spices to preference 
-shake pan to ensure all are coated
-bake for 15-20 minutes, until desired tenderness

Spicy Mustard Chicken

This is one of my chicken marinades that I cycle through my meal prep. If you're gonna eat healthy, might as well have it taste good too right? DUH. Anyway, yellow mustard will not affect your macros, so I put it on everything! I have quite a selection of different types of mustard and most are fairly low in calories and carbs, so I use them for dipping and to add some zest to my chicken! I think I found this Inglehoffer sweet hot mustard at Shaw's I think and am almost out, but it's a really bold flavor that adds a nice kick to any meat! I then divide up my chicken into 5oz portions into my individual tupperware containers for the first part of the week.

-Boneless skinless chicken breasts (I buy in bulk)
-Yellow mustard
-Inglehoffer sweet hot mustard 
-Black pepper

-Thaw chicken
-Cut up chicken (and remove fat) 
-Place in sealable plastic bag
-Put in remaining ingredients
-Shake/move around until chicken is totally coated
-Let soak for at least 10 minutes

Thursday, January 1, 2015


I am lucky enough to have Derbyskinz as my clothing sponsor for competitions. They are absolutely amazing and have the most unique and eclectic choice of patterns. They're a spandex company out of Pennsylvania that mostly specializes in roller derby clothing. I reached out to them as I saw we had a mutual connection on Instagram. They were extremely receptive and basically gave me free reign over my order. I had a photo shoot while I was home where I features some of their clothing, but I can't wait until I'm back in Boston so I can rock all my kitty/america gear! I'm attaching a link to their website, and they custom make every order, so you know it's amazing quality and made in the USA! If nothing else, just check out the color chart…THE FOOD PATTERNS ARE MIND-BLOWING.

2 Months Out

I just wanted to post an update. These show about where I am now, which is 2 months out from my OCB show in Vermont on March 8th. I've been working with Pat Connolly, who has been such an awesome resource thus far! We both agree that there is still a lot of work to be done before I'm ready to compete (and fair well) at the show, but just the changes I've seen over the last few weeks show me that anything is possible and that hard work really does pay off. I've already got my shoes, bikini and jewelry for the show and I just received the notification that registration is now open! 

NASE Certification

Going to school online is absolutely amazing, and I really think that I may continue on to get my masters in sport psychology after I finish my undergraduate. There are certifications built into our courses, so upon finishing my fundamentals of speed training class,  I got the a speed and explosiveness  coach's certification through NASE. When I complete my degree, I will be NASM certified on top of my ISSA and ACSM certification. I have some other specialized classes within my major coming up, so I'm eager to see if there any additional credentials I can gain from those! I will be a senior after completing the class I'm in right now! It's so bizarre to me to think that I essentially took a year off but will still be graduating with everyone else my age who went on to college right after graduating from CHS.