Thursday, March 26, 2015

Curried Turnip "Fries"

I Soooo prepare to have your mind blown. These are delectable and absolutely curb my french fry craving! Some other vegetables just don't seem to create the same texture, but turnips seem to bake to give you the crunchy outside and soft inside of a real potato! You can get as creative with the seasonings as you want, but I love curry, so I doused them in the seasoning and was pleasantly surprised! The serving size is 4oz cooked. 
Macros: 33kcal, fat: 0.1g, carbs: 7.6g, protein: 1.1g 

-large turnip
-3tbs extra virgin olive oil
-1tbs lemon juice
-curry seasoning (Varies depending upon how much you make and how potent you want them)
-low sodium sea salt blend 
-black pepper

-preheat oven to 375 degrees
-peel and cut turnip into "fries"
-toss everything to together in a big bowl until all "fries" are fully coated
-spread out in single layer on banking sheet or crisping pan
-bake for 25 minutes 
-flip "fries" over 
-bake for an additional 25 minutes (or until browned and edges are getting crispy)

Peak Week Low Carb Breakfast

When talking about competition prep I often get the question of, "So you just don't eat then?" Haha not exactly... I eat a CRAP TON, but the change is in the number of carbohydrates I consume in the 2 weeks before. I normally eat 2,500 calories per day, and peak week I was eating 2,250 but just cut my carbs by 60% to get optimal muscle definition by eliminating water retention. This was one of my favorite meals to make during any point in the day! It was sweet and filling! 
Macros: 356kcal, protein: 33.5g, fat: 14g, carbs: 22g


-1c liquid egg whites
-1/3c unsweetened almond milk
-1oz flavored almonds 
-1/2 banana
-natural sweetener 


-mix almond milk and egg whites together 
-cook in microwave for 2 minutes
-check and continue to cook until fluffy 
-add sliced banana, almonds, cinnamon and sweetener to taste
-take a picture and tag me in it on FB and instagram!! 

Monday, March 23, 2015

Life Update

I wanted to give you guys a little update on my life in general as I've had a lot of changes and stuff going on lately! As I'm sure you've seen/read, I competed in my first competition 2 weeks ago and had the time of my life! After that experience I was so tempted to continue competing OCB just because of how much fun it was and how I was already stage-ready by their standards, but everyone who has talked to me about my competition goals knows that my ultimate dream is to compete within the NPC federation and make a name for myself there. NPC is a more publicized and larger federation in general, and there are far more opportunities to "make it big" and gain major sponsorships. I also like the look better; it's a more muscular bikini look rather than the super lean physique that OCB goes for. Naturally, I am very lean which is why I chose OCB to be my first competition to gain experience and get comfortable on the stage. By the way, the Cutler will be on May 23rd at John Hancock Hall in Boston, and I would LOVE a huge cheering section, so let me know if you want a ticket!!

I asked the judges for feedback after my competition and all the responses said that I did incredible for my first competition and that it was obvious how hard I had worked and how much potential I had. They also gave feedback like, "lean down in the abs, cross legs over for back pose, add more sex appeal;" all stuff that I can easily change in the 8 weeks I have left before the Cutler. I was a little offended by the suggestion to add more sex appeal….I mean, I don't have to work my ass off at the gym to be able to flirt with the judges…This got me to thinking that after I compete a few more times this year in bikini that I may look into trying to move up to figure for the remainder of my competitive career, but it would have to be in the WNBF or another natural federation to even stand a chance. I'll keep you all posted on what I decide post-Cutler!

Also, I think I've mentioned it but I now work at the Charlestown YMCA teaching various fitness classes and training several individual clients as well as still teaching at the Melrose YMCA! And some more VERY exciting news…so you know how Gold's gym is the bodybuilding gym right? Where Arnold always trained and how it got it's reputation? Okay, so I went with Pat Connolly (my mentor) and while I was there inquired about teaching classes for them, and they were absolutely ecstatic to have me! I start teaching my Barre Bootcamp there this Friday at 4:30, so come see me!! With being an instructor there I also get a free membership, so let the gains commence! Haha I am extremely excited about this opportunity and really hope that I can build up a following there like I have at the YMCA!

School is also going really well! I am still attending CALU's online bachelor's degree program for Sport Management and absolutely love it. I probably have another year before I graduate. Right now I'm taking A&PII and Sports Nutrition! It's stressful, but I love being back in school!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Casein PB&J Cups

Prepare for your life to be changed forever. This recipe is magical in every way, and the serving size is 2 cups!! It's also super easy and absolutely delectable. 

Macros: calories: 215, fat: 7g, carbs: 11g, protein: 28g


-1 scoop casein protein
-1tbs natural peanut butter
-2tbs sugar free jelly


-Take one scoop of the casein of your choice and mix with enough water to make a cookie dough-like consistency (can't use whey because of the different consistency)
-Put in about a tbs of the mix into each liner.
-Top with 1/2tbs peanut butter and sugar free or walden farms jelly and then the remaining casein dough split between the 2 cups. 
-Put in freezer for at least 30 minutes, and then voila! Magical healthy peanut butter and jelly cups!!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Green Mountain Thaw

This past weekend was one of the most surreal and exciting of my life! At first, I was so focused on placing well and making a name for myself right out of the gate, but after meeting all the incredible and inspiring women, that was no longer my focus. They had all worked just as hard as I had and probably all had equally as interesting fitness journeys. I had a few bonding experiences in the spray tanning room Saturday night; I met 2 ladies there who would be competing with me the following day, and it was also their first show! The fact that Paulette (red suit) is a mom and this being her bodybuding and physique debut, she absolutely blew my mind, so shoutout to her for earning her pro-card in her first show!! 

At this point, I was cutting back on my water intake which was probably the worst part of the prep, but it paid off! I'm very pleased with the pictures from the show I've seen! I loved how random and outgoing all the other competitors were and the flexing picture perfectly exemplifies this! Oh and I wanted to mention my "personal statement" that I put for my final T-walk Sunday night. The trophies were gold, so I said "The only reason I'm competing is because I heard the trophies are made out of chocolate." Muahaha! Truth though! I'm honestly a little upset this wasn't the case. Rude. 

There were 79 competitors total and 30 of them were bikini. I placed 5th in my bikini novice and bikini debut category which I am elated about!!! The fact these I even placed in my first competition is such an incredible accomplishment! Plus, I got some badass trophies of flexing bodybuilder women! Muahaha 

I did ask for the judges' feedback and there was a consensus that my body was perfect from top to bottom, but that I needed to work on posing and "sexing it up," which if any of you know me at all know this is absolutely NOT my personality...I guess I'll have to hardcore fake it for the Cutler in May! Here are some pictures from the show. There are more on my facebook too. Let me know what you guys think!!

But seriously...the trophies are sweet. I need more ;)
Yes, this was indeed an attempt at a Barbie and Ken picture. Success?

And of course bestie, peanut butter, made it to support Jelly :) (we have matching pb&j tattoos)

I seriously owe all my success to these two inspiring people in my life! Pat (owner of Pats Prodigies) is a wicked amazing and knowledgeable competition prep coach/trainer/mentor and Jackie as a mentor/posing coach!! I absolutely would not have been as confident or ready last weekend if it hadn't been for both of them putting up with me for the past several months!!! We are all 3 competing together in a few short months at the Cutler!! 

Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Struggle for Gainz

This exemplifies what my constant struggle in life is right now. Literally can't even save it with ALL THE HOT SAUCE like I normally would. Sodium doesn't exist if I don't read the label right? I mean, I think that's a valid statement. Regardless, I'm suffering from dry rubbery chicken exhaustion. ONE MORE WEEK…until…I can at least use sodium-laden deliciousness to zest up my chopped up wet puzzle pieces with bits of eraser… Bahah okay, MAYBE I'm being a bit dramatic. But seriously, it's been 10 straight weeks of eating chicken for basically every meal. This video just about sums up all my feelings/thoughts on that matter.