Thursday, July 30, 2015

A Little Meal Prep Inspiration

I have a few updates that I'll post about ASAP, but first and foremost is giving you new fitness enthusiasts some tips and tricks for finishing out that lifestyle change by also switching up the diet to really make sure you're fueling your body for your workouts!

Sometimes preparing all your food for the week can seem daunting, but I've created a pinterest bored to hopefully give you a good starting point! Honestly just figuring out what groceries you're going to get at the store is that hardest part, and then once you get home with all your healthy goodies you can get as  creative as you want knowing it's all good for you!!

The biggest selling factor for me is that cooking for yourself saves SO much money! I'm not saying never go out and socialize/spend money on pleasure, but eating out for every meal is unnecessary, and although it stinks to shell out $100+ at the grocery store, its was more feasible than $10 here, $10 there…

Sooooo what are you waiting for?! If you have any questions as all feel free to reach out and ask, and I also have some other tasty recipes posted here that I've created in the past!

Best of luck! :)

Monday, July 20, 2015

My Motivation Monday

Every week I am more and more impressed with my clients. Despite whatever else may be going on in their lives, they make it a priority to meet with me at our scheduled times throughout the week, and their dedication makes me genuinely love my job. I am so lucky to have the privilege of working with such amazing and inspiring people and I wouldn't change my job for the world! I am continuously motivated to keep improving myself and learning new skills to better serve both my personal clients and my new clients at Healthworks. I want to be able to give them all exactly the training/lifestyle advice they deserve to make sure they achieve their goals. 

I have never experienced more gratification than I do each and every time one of my clients notices an improvement and makes it one step closer to their fitness goal. I have started taking "before" pictures as a motivating strategy to eliminate any possibility of discouragement throughout the process. There will always be setbacks, but once the commitment has been made, I consider it my duty to do everything in my power to ensure we as a team reach those goals! 

I'm excited to see how the next several months play out for all of us! My clients have already made such incredible improvements and I'm optimistic we will continue to improve as a team and surpass the expectations we've set for ourselves! I love you guys! 

Sunday, July 5, 2015

A Little Lost

Maybe I'll get lucky and a fellow competitor will find my post and give me some guidance. I posted about how I'm switching my training focus from bodybuilding to powerlifting for a more gratifying type of competition. Competing alongside either type of elite athlete is an incredible experience, but I really want to walk off stage feeling proud about the lift I just did...not how well I pranced... I may switch back and forth and still compete in bikini shows, but so far I'm loving the heavy training for the big lifts!! 

I'm nervous though; I've never been to a meet and am preparing completely on my own, so I don't have the reassurance from someone experienced that I'm going into it ready. I'm not hoping for a win right off, but I definitely want to go in knowing the specific cues and being confident and prepared to hit a PR! Pat Connolly (the best trainer I ever met and one of my closest friends) is helping me, but coordinating our schedules is tough sometimes and I'm still usually lifting at golds around 7 or 8am or am working out at Healthworks before my shifts. 

I think if I just keep doing my research and make an attempt to reach out to someone who has competed, I'll feel better and do well, but it's always scary to do something new right?? 

I am really psyched to get to wear an awkward singlet during the meets. I still have to scrutinize the regulations and get all the gear, but if possible, I'm gonna get a SWEET getup! Haha maybe I'll just wear my sparkly bikini from the Cutler ;) 

I'll keep posting about how the prep is going, but as of now, I'm still chugging along and slowly increasing the weight and working on maintaining form and lifting to the specifications of the federation! I'm at 105 bench, 215 deadlift and 165 squat and weighing in at 109. I will be competing in the 114 weight class, so I'd like to get up to 113.