Saturday, January 23, 2016


Such an appropriate phrase to describe all the lovely ladies I get to work with every day! Just last week, I had one of the newer trainers come up to me and comment that all my clients are lifting heavy and have amazing form. That was one of the most gratifying compliments I have ever received! I love that I can inspire and convince my clients that they can surpass any expectations they had for themselves in the gym setting. I am all about breaking through stereotypes and truly working to empower each woman I train. Fitness isn't just exercising--it's a community of extremely driven, healthy individuals who strive to achieve their best self. I am so elated every time I sense a change in one of my clients where they finally start seeing and feeling the results that come from hard work and persistence. I never knew it would be possible to love a job this much, but my career has turned into so much more than just a job to pay the bills. I couldn't imagine myself anywhere else!

Oh, and I do have my clients do other things but let's be honest, the deadlift is probably the best exercise in existence...and I'm totally not biased at all...(Just don't look at my Instagram...)

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Progress Pics Jan 11, 2016

I just wanted to post a little update on myself and how life is going at the moment! I went on vacation in the Virgin Islands during the first week in January to visit some of my best friends who moved there, and it was absolutely amazing! Everything was so beautiful that in all the pictures it looked like I had cropped my body into postcards!

Being that I am now shooting to make my figure debut in March at the Green Mountain Thaw (same show I competed bikini in last year) I wanted to maintain as much as possible while I was away! I managed to get in a few workouts while I was there and loved the opportunity to get creative with the play park equipment right next to the apartment building.

Giving myself a little rest from all the heavy lifting was probably well needed, but I was definitely eager to get back to my normal training routine and healthy eating (although, no complaints about all the delicious drinks and fish tacos I got to indulge in!). I've really stepped up my hypertrophy training since I've been back and have already seen significant improvements now that I've been eating more (I didn't realize that was even possible) and refocusing my training.   

It's hard for me to stray from the heavy lifting to lifting more of 65-75% of my max in an attempt to adequately fatigue the muscles. Depending on the weight and exercise, I typically shoot for 6-15 reps, but do sometimes return to lifting heavier just to reassure myself I still can! 

I shall soon be posting more about the prep as I get closer to the show and more strict with my training and diet, but beware, I'm insatiably hangry all the time when doing hypertrophy training! 

I made this collage to compare where I was almost a year ago in comparison into where I am now. It is true--trust the process!! I can't wait to see what the next 8 weeks hold. 

And here is one from yesterday's shoulder day. 

And one from last week's leg day!