Saturday, July 23, 2016

That Post-Competition Life

It was such a relief to finish up my meet in June, and now I am working on finding more of a work/life/fitness balance. That won't be too hard considering how I'll be leaving for my Europe trip this coming Monday July 25th! I have found myself at a plateau and am excited to see what I can accomplish with switching up my training and focusing more on how I feel and giving myself more rest than I do when I am preparing for a show or a meet. I have been feeling pretty good in these last few weeks with training this way and can already see an improvement in my performance and motivation in the gym. This trip will also be a great reprieve that will also do my body good! 

Here are some videos I've compiled over the last couple of months of some of my favorite exercises...and some repeats that show my REAL favorites! Hehe

Some pause squat action to work on increasing power at the bottom of my squat
Some wall walks to add a little conditioning into the mix
245 deads going up on a Tuesday
225 deads on speed training day
Because pushups aren't awful enough as is 
And a little more conditioning work

Monday, July 11, 2016

2016 Connecticut States Powerlifting Meet

I signed up for this meet the day after my bodybuilding show in March. I was so burnt out after my show that I thought switching back to powerlifting is exactly what I needed to re-motivate myself, but the training and preparation leading up to this meet wasn't as fun and enjoyable as it had been for my last two. I am happy I stuck with it and ended up competing, but I lost motivation and could feel myself merely going through the motions in the last few weeks. It helped immensely that my bestie from home came to stay with me for the week and watch my meet! I couldn't ask for a better or more supportive friend! I also had one of my best friends from Boston drive up the morning of to spend the day with me--again, I'm so privileged to be surrounded by such amazing people!

The week before my last meet I ended up popping my shoulder partially out of place, so it would only be expected that this time something else tragic would happen....of course I woke up with a respiratory infection on Wednesday and it was at it's peak for the weekend during my meet. I took all the congestion and chest cold remedies, but still felt terrible. I GUESS that might be why I didn't perform my best by hitting the PRs I knew I had leading up to that week. I was hoping for back squat 190 (hit 165 at my last meet), bench 110 (same as at last meet), and deadlift of 255 (hit 235 at my last meet). Overall, I didn't do too awful and am happy that I did manage to set some new meet PRs. I hit 185 back squat, 100 bench (let's not talk about that one) and 245 deadlift. Regardless of how I felt I did, I had an amazing singlet custom designed by my AMAZING sponsor Derby Skinz and won 2 insanely gigantic and badass trophies. Setting new records for deadlift and squat for the junior class in New England isn't so awful, but I will never be satisfied being that I see my meets as a competition against myself.

I did post about my first meal prep after my powerlifting meet and I was extremely excited to get back into my normal routine after all the pasta, crab rangoon, cookies, pie, candy bars, pancakes, chocolate milk, ice cream, sausage and bacon I had consumed from the time weigh-ins were over until after I was finished lifting (and then some more ice cream after of course)! I had been cutting carbs and sodium the week of my meet to make sure I would slip into my weight class, and it worked perfectly! I was in the 114 weight class and managed to weigh in Friday night at 112.4. And a huge shoutout to my badass friend Alex who kept me sane and helped me with multiple random things throughout the day (including sharing his yummy breakfast food). I probably would have ran right out the door after my bench press fail if it weren't for him!

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Post Powerlifting Meet Meal Prep

I am taking some time off from competing to focus on work, school and developing a better work/life balance. This was my first week with my goal of gaining weight, and hopefully gaining strength and muscle mass as well. I feel like I have hit a plateau over the last year by not allowing my body to change but now the "bulking" can commence! My trip to Europe in a few weeks will certainly help propel me toward that goal, but I don't know how helpful the beer and pasta diet will be... ;)

I do have to give myself props on this week's meal prep. So far, it has been great. I'll list out my meals, what is in them, and the amount of each that is in them.

When I was cutting for my meet, I was at 1,700-2,000 calories per day and was focusing on a low carb/low sodium diet and an increase in cardio for the last week. I was shooting for the 114 weight class and went into peak week at 115.8, but by the end was at 112.4. The carb cutting sucked, but was worth it once I got to have that first bowl of pad thai after weigh-ins!

My goal is to gain 0.5 pounds per week (it is still summer after all), so I have my total calories set to 2,520 with 378g carbs, 126g protein and 56g fat. I feel really good and strong and LOVE this feeling in comparison to the carb depleted state I was in the week before my meet!

A lot of my snacks aren't included in the pictures, but include:

Fruit parfaits I make with 0.5oz almonds, 1c greek yogurt, cinnamon, 1 banana
Lenny & Larry Complete cookies with 1/2c greek yogurt
2c chopped veggies and 1 100 calorie pack of guacamole
1c frozen mixed berries, 1 banana, 1c greek yogurt
Honey crisp apples
Chocolate rice cakes with sugar free pudding

And sometimes I also eat candy, peanut brittle, rice crispy treats, syrupy coffees, cookies, brownies, ice cream and any other delicious indulgences I can get my hands on! A completely "clean" bulk just isn't that fun.

Breakfast this week when I'm on the go:

My pumpkin pie crockpot oats (posted previously in my blog)
2 hardboiled eggs
Sometimes I add in an almond joy iced coffee from Dunkin' with 1 pump of the syrup and almond milk

Mid-morning snack:

Usually one of my fruit parfaits or a Dannon greek yogurt, almonds and a multigrain english muffin


This is where I cycle between one of my meal prepped meals, which for this week includes 2 veggies 4oz meat and a 1/2 a serving of the minute multigrain medley rice mix or 4oz sweet potatoes with 1tbs stonewall kitchen bbq sauce or hot sauce.

Meal 1 contents:

4oz lean ground turkey (uncooked) with 1/2c spinach, 1/2c mushrooms and 1/4c red onion
1/4 bag (1/2 serving) Minute multigrain rice medley
4oz butternut squash
4oz broccoli
2tsp stonewall kitchen mango habanero hot sauce

Meal 2 contents:

4oz blackened chicken breast
4oz butternut squash
4oz broccoli
4oz roasted sweet potatoes
1tbs stonewall kitchen sriracha bbq sauce

Meal 3 contents:

4oz blackened chicken
4oz roasted brussels sprouts
4oz broccoli
4oz sweet potatoes
1tbs stonewall kitchen sriracha bbq sauce

I mix and match the grain/sweet potatoes with the 2 different meats and different veggies, so that I don't get bored!