Thursday, September 29, 2016

Metabolic Resistance Training vs Traditional Cardio

This is a pretty hot topic right now to determine which really is the optimal way to train to achieve the best results. Which one is ideal totally depends on the athlete's goals. Metabolic resistance training will be the most efficient way to achieve an overall "fit" physique with building muscle while shedding fat. The traditional steady-state cardio will aid in weight-loss, but there is no muscle overload to initiate muscle-building, which is what leads to an increase in lean muscle mass and metabolism. Plus, the MRT takes less time as the athlete is using the time more efficiently. The steady-state cardio will be necessary for any endurance-based goal, but for general fitness or more strength, power and better aesthetics, MRT is the way to go.

MRT would be lifting weights that can be done for many reps to where you are using your anaerobic system to power through the exercises. This means your body is working for shorter duration bursts to where the body is not using oxygen to fuel your body. The goal is to fit more exercises in in less time. Most of the MRT programs are recognized as high-intensity training of any kind with little rest or structured rest between sets of high intensity work. One of the benefits of metabolic training is the “after burn” or excess post exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC).  Excess post exercise oxygen consumption is when the body is attempting to recovery from the muscle-damage (which is a good thing) from the strength training bout. This takes place for the following 42 hours after the workout. Cardio only burns the calories in the setting of the exercise being performed, but strength training continues to work long after you've left the gym.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Last Week as a Bostonian

This week is surprisingly harder than I could have every imagined. I both look forward to and dread every day knowing I am heading into work to say goodbye to one more client who has become one of my closest friends. I've made it through most of the week without bursting into a hysterical frenzy, but tomorrow is my last day at Healthworks and that really is going to be hard... I have the most amazing friends here, and each of them has gone out of his/her way to reassure me this really isn't a goodbye and that we have many more adventures ahead of us!

My going-away party was last Saturday and even though I had created the Facebook event and knew who all would be coming, it brought me to tears to see all my best friends there together to see me off! I've never been good at goodbyes, so I'm happy this isn't that. This week has been full of so many froyo, coffee, lunch, dinner and workout dates that I'll have pictures to look through and keep me sane for quite awhile! I already can't wait to get to Denver and get started on my photo collage wall in the new place!

As of now, I'm almost all packed up and have already loaded some of my necessities into my car! If it didn't feel real before, it certainly does now... Now if I could just mentally prepare myself for that 32 hour road trip ahead of me!

Today, I even got to have one last gym date with two of my closest trainer friends, and I must say, my butt (and arms for that matter) is thoroughly kicked! There's never a dull moment when I hit the gym with Pat and Josh! #studstatus

Just another "bodyweight" training day... #nevergrowup

I couldn't ask for a better pair of motivators! Pat, Josh and I crushed our last killer workout together this morning!

 My going-away party couldn't have been better. Having all my best friends in one place definitely made me realize how amazing of a group I've found here in Boston. Good thing they've all agreed to come visit me in my "Rocky" paradise!

 My last dinner date with these two! Started out as my clients and grew into being my best friends and biggest supporters!