Monday, June 5, 2017

You're on that Paleo Diet?

I am very much a supporter of having/doing everything in moderation. To transition into or maintain a healthy lifestyle, one must still incorporate the things he/she likes. If you're strict enough to fully stick to the paleo diet for even a few weeks, I give you props. It's super restrictive and takes an insurmountable amount of self-control. Due to how impractical and strict the diet is, I don't recommend it to be a long-term diet for my clients. If I find someone who works well with having a really thorough and easy to follow plan for weight loss then I may suggest this diet for a short period just to jump-start the fat loss and boost motivation from seeing results rapidly.

There's definitely a learning curve that coincides with any new diet plan, but there are tons of books and articles laying out how the paleo diet works. The prioritization of the food in this diet is my favorite part. There is an emphasis on natural, higher-quality foods that will keep the body fueled and balanced. Some of the foods this diet bans are actually great for you if you get quality ingredients (i.e: legumes and grains). The parts that were missed in constructing this diet: the inability to change what you eat overnight and follow it sustainably, you can't cut out all the things you enjoy eating, and people don't live in bubbles.

I will admit I live a fitness lifestyle excessively, but I STILL LOVE PIZZA AND BEER, and I would never ask my clients to entirely cut out something they enjoy. The only way to lose weight and keep it off is to change your habits and lifestyle forever, so no, not by going on a crazy diet that promises you'll lose 10 pounds in a week. Unfortunately, this effective and maintainable approach will take time to develop, so stick to it and reach out to me or another industry professional if you're facing any struggles!